Programs and projects


CASA works with partners to adapt and implement services and programs that allow seniors to live their best life and assist them in reducing isolation and maintaining health and autonomy.

Seniors Wellness Centres

Seniors Wellness Centres provides seniors with tools to remain autonomous, improve health and well-being, increase knowledge, and create connections with the health care system.

In operation since 2008, a typical Wellness Centre experience features physical, social and cognitive activities to stimulate the participants’ bodies and minds, and to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Contact Madelyn Hayes or Kathy Gallon at 418-752-5995 for information about a Wellness Centre in your community.

The Seniors Outreach Worker

The Seniors Outreach Worker works to ensure the well-being of seniors in the MRC of Bonaventure. The Outreach Worker offers friendly visits, accompanies, and refers seniors to appropriate resources aimed at improving their quality of life.  For more information, please contact Sally Walker at 418-752-5995.